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TV Accessories

TV accessories from Kmart can improve your view experience

TV accessories help you get the most out of all the televisions in your home. You can save space by getting rid of an old or bulky entertainment center by using mounting kits to hang flat-screen TVs on your walls instead. You can even watch lifelike movies and shows with 3D TV glasses using compatible technologies.

TV accessories offer a wide range of benefits whether you’re setting up a new television, or just want to enhance your current set. If you’re starting from scratch, find TV starter kits to make setup easier. Our accessory starter kits contain items like screen cleaner, surge protectors, mounts and brackets. Screen cleaner keeps hi-tech screens looking like new. Surge protectors offer plenty of outlets for you to plug in televisions, multimedia players and more accessories. You’ll also find cord cover kits to take control of unsightly cord clutter.

Extend the life of televisions you already own by using special adaptors. A digital converter box converts digital signals to analog, so you can use older televisions. Improve the signal from small, independent and local stations with digital antennas to stay updated with events in your area. If you need new remote controls, replace worn out ones with universal remotes to control several different devices. Create a custom entertainment experience friends and family are sure to enjoy with TV accessories from Kmart.