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Get the party going with DJ equipment

Rile up partygoers all night long with new DJ equipment and specialty accessories. Whether you store songs digitally on a laptop or prefer to play vinyl records on a classic turntable, Kmart has DJ equipment for sharing your music collection with the crowd. If you're teaming up with other performers, help them connect with the audience by outfitting the stage with corded mics on sturdy, attractive stands.

Rather than searching through complicated menus with a mouse and keyboard during a gig, make operating and configuring software easier with a versatile controller. A variety of knobs, buttons and other manual controls make it easy to achieve the right sound for your audience. Add a personal touch to any track using a mixer. Connect media to the inputs via audio cables and other standard cords. Once you're set up, twist knobs to add effects and adjust the bass, treble and more on any track.

Create an exciting atmosphere using specialty DJ accessories. Balance frequencies for a custom sound with an equalizer, or use an amplifier to increase the power of your signal. If you'll be performing in a dark club, LED lights that respond to music are always a fun choice. Put on shows that excite friends and fans alike with new DJ equipment from Kmart.