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Secure your phone and keep it hands-free with a cell phone mount

Enjoy hands-free communication with cell phone mounts from Kmart. We have a full range of cell phone car mounts to use on your vehicle's dashboard or windshield as well as desktop docks to use at home. Whether you prefer a mount that attaches to your car's dash and features a flexible arm to keep your phone easily within reach, or you want to mount your mobile device to your workstation or monitor, Kmart has the docking solution for you. Find plenty of options that will keep you organized.

Mounts typically have rubber grips to secure cell phones in place. If you have a hard plastic mount, be sure to protect your cell phone from scratches on the finish with a simple cell phone case. Even if you use a case on your phone, most cell phone mounts can adjust to the added width and keep your phone in place while you drive. Typically featuring single-release buttons on the backs of the devices, mounts are created to make the transition from handheld to mounted device as smooth as possible, similar to the convenience of cell phone headsets. You can keep your eyes on the road while making calls or using the GPS features of your phone.

While a cell phone mount is convenient in the car, they can also add hands-free functionality to your home or office desk. For example, if your phone features voice-activated commands, you can easily and conveniently mount your phone on your desk and dial your contacts from anywhere in the room. Consider purchasing suction cup stands for your various workspaces and desktops. For added functionality, you can also find universal desktop mounts that come with built-in cell phone chargers.

In your busy schedule, every minute saved is a big help. You can accomplish other tasks while utilizing your phone via voice commands while it's safely mounted elsewhere in the room or vehicle. Cell phone mounts make talking while driving easier by keeping your hands free, leaving you less distracted.