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Watch TV shows and movies any time with a DVD player

Trying to make time to go to the movie theater or watch a favorite TV show on your busy schedule can be tough. A DVD player puts the control back in your hands, bringing TV series and movies right to the home entertainment center. Kmart's selection includes VCR-DVD combos, DVD recorders and Blu-ray players for viewing media in whatever format you choose.

Bring the movie theater experience to your living room with a home theater system that features the booming bass and immersive soundtrack you expect from a visit to the movie theater. A DVD player goes a step beyond simply bringing the movie-going experience home. DVD bonus features like actor and director commentary and behind-the-scenes documentaries enhance the home viewing experience. If you're planning to head out on a long road trip, bring your children's favorite movies. A portable player lets your kids enjoy hours of entertainment right in their laps.

Whether you're catching one show a week, an episode a night or a binge session over the weekend , watching TV shows at your own pace is easy with a home DVD system, Put the disc in, press play and enjoy TV without commercials. Start watching movies and shows on your schedule with a new DVD player from Kmart.