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Console Games

Enjoy hours of entertainment with console games

With gorgeous graphics and cutting-edge gameplay, console games offer a truly exhilarating video gaming experience. Kmart carries a wide selection of console games for the current and some previous generations of Xbox, Playstation and Wii consoles. Whether you prefer intense first person shooters, arcade-style fighting games or epic role playing adventures, console games deliver more of what you crave. No matter which title you choose, these games are designed to help you get the most out of your high definition flat panel TV or home theater system. Step into the future with console games.

From serious gamers to families looking for a fun new challenge, finding a favorite new console game is easy. Sports fans will love challenging friends to a match on the latest football, baseball and basketball games. With online play you can even challenge fellow sports fans from around the world to an exciting match. Kids will love taking their favorite compatible games with them wherever they go using the handheld components of high-tech consoles. The touch-screen controls and vibrant graphics make them ideal for long car trips.

Kmart also carries a wide selection of PC games for your home computer or gaming laptop. Immerse yourself in out-of-this-world fun with console games.