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Experience high-quality graphics on a brand-new computer monitor

When working long hours on the computer, you'll appreciate the clear and sharp image quality of a high-tech computer monitor. The breathtaking graphics are a treat for the eyes while watching a Blu-ray movie, and the crisp contrast is a major asset when scrolling through lines of tiny text. Kmart has LCD and LED monitors, as well as the accessories and cables you need to set up and connect your desktop computer.

LCD computer monitors are known for their energy-efficient, slim design. The backlit technology creates a bright and beautiful picture, so users can enjoy an immersive multimedia experience from home. The thin, streamlined display looks modern on any desk. You can also explore cutting-edge curved monitors and widescreen models to suit any need. Just attach the DVI or VGA cables and you're ready for work or leisure.

LED monitors are incredibly responsive with brilliant color quality. Artists can feel confident while editing high-definition images on the spacious screen, thanks to the incredible color accuracy. Use a touchscreen computer monitor to make subtle edits before revealing the final piece on a printer. Gamers will also love the quick refresh rate that makes movements appear to leap off the screen during fast-paced action sequences. Complete your desktop computer setup with a quality monitor from Kmart.