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Take incredible photographs with a new camera

A great camera can capture life’s special moments with brilliant colors and impeccable clarity. Whether taking pictures at a birthday party or composing shots of a beautiful sunset, photography gear from Kmart records any image with just the click of a button. Never miss out on a photographic opportunity with these easy-to-use devices.

Photography doesn’t have to be complicated. A digital point and shoot camera takes care of the settings automatically, so you’re ready to grab a great shot at a moment’s notice. Try a slim model that fits into a pocket for photos on the go. The optical zoom brings distant subjects into focus and the image stabilization technology prevents blurry images. While point and shoot models require no expertise to create wonderful photographs, hobbyists can easily tinker with the settings to get a customized shot. Flip through special effect settings or adjust the shutter speed on the large LCD screen. Some models even function as camcorders with high-definition video capabilities.

If you want to carefully compose every element of the shot, then try a DSLR. These high-tech cameras offer incredible resolution, stunning colors and complete customization. The versatile settings allow photographers to experiment with an array of options for taking snapshots in low-light settings or capturing fast-action events. Share photos instantly with a Wi-Fi enabled model or upload your favorite images to a digital picture frame. Develop your skills with photography equipment from Kmart.