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Camera & Camcorder Accessories

Go from amateur to pro with new camera accessories

Many of the latest cameras are designed to deliver impressive photos without doing much more than pointing and shooting. However, new camera accessories can offer you better control and variety. Tripods, mounts and camera flashes make it possible to capture subjects in motion or in low light. These accessories help you produce vivid, crisp shots without needing to upgrade to a digital point-and-shoot camera or switch to a film camera. Many of the affordable cameras at Kmart are able to record video as well, and some basic camcorder accessories can turn a shaky home video into something with professional quality.

After picking out the latest camera accessories like tripods to steady your shot and flashes to help you better control the lighting, the next step for many photographers is to upgrade your lens. If you already use a digital SLR camera, a lens upgrade can provide a quick and easy way to expand the types of photo and video it’s possible to capture with your device. Before the lenses pile up, make sure to find a full-size camcorder lens bag to help resist scratches and blemishes.

The modern photographer should always carry enough cables and memory cards to prepare for any situation. Photo purists can use instant cameras and physical film for a vintage-inspired aesthetic. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been taking pictures for years, the right camera accessories can help you capture life’s incredible moments to share with friends and family.