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Keep your devices charged with new electronics batteries

No one enjoys having a smartphone, television remote or wristwatch lose power out of nowhere. Whether it's a slim lithium-ion battery to jumpstart your smartphone or an extra set of AA or AAA models for toys, you'll find electronic batteries to help. Kmart carries batteries and cell phone chargers, so you can get the most out of any gadget.

It's not just everyday items that need their electronic batteries refreshed from time to time. Battery packs found in certain devices like cordless phones and remote control toys provide a greater kick than traditional AAs. While packs tend to last longer than standard models, they still need to be replaced eventually. If you own a watch or hearing aid, make sure to have the proper replacement batteries on hand to keep your important devices from failing when you need them the most.

Most homes and offices have a drawer full of all-purpose batteries. Having AA, 9-volt and other multi-purpose models handy is always a good idea. Whether your remote or phone loses power, solve the problem in a pinch. No matter which device needs power, make sure it stays alive with rechargeable batteries and disposable models, packs and chargers from Kmart.