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Fresh watch batteries keep watches and small electronic devices ticking

A dead watch battery can put you out of sync with your schedule and lead to late appointments or missed meetings, while a failed hearing aid can make everything from enjoying conversations with friends and family to listening to your favorite television programs more difficult. Kmart has a wide variety of watch and hearing aid batteries to keep your essential electronics running without any hiccups. Like other replacement electronic batteries, it's a good idea to keep an extra set around the house so your day-to-day life isn't interrupted in the case of a dead battery.

While many modern electronics feature battery chargers that keep them going day-in and day-out, hearing aid batteries and watch batteries need to be replaced periodically. Individual batteries are available for when you need a replacement immediately, but consider a pair of thin batteries for your watch or a ring of 8 or more batteries for hearing aids. Having replacements on-hand means less time spent looking at an unmoving wristwatch or struggling to hear important conversations.

Stock up on replacement batteries for powering the electronic devices that are essential for staying on schedule and interacting with the world around you. Find long-lasting, affordable watch batteries and hearing aid batteries at Kmart.