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Create miniature replicas with model kits from Kmart

Assembling a model kit is a rainy day pastime that goes back generations, one that children and adults can both enjoy. Transform the dining room table into a design studio as you and your kids create a lifelike miniature car or airplane. Builders can customize their model toy by using painting supplies. You can special paints to style a model airplane to look like a fighter plane or add a personal paint job to a replica hotrod.

The right model kit is the perfect gift for a young automotive enthusiast. While RC cars might get them used to revving up the engine, model vehicles will help your little ones hone their creative skills and patience . Finishing off a replica of a Model T or an old muscle car can inspire a different kind of joy than hearing the rev of a tiny toy engine. With a miniature engine kit, it's possible to see from close-up how classic cars outfitted with V8 engines are capable of delivering so much power.

All it takes are a few screweyes and fishing line to display a model airplane in action by hanging it from the ceiling, or you can display it on a shelf next to the rest of your collection. Enjoy hours of fun by crafting model toys from Kmart.