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Pool fences offer visible safety solutions

Whether it's keeping the chemicals in the water balanced or the surfaces scrubbed clean, you have plenty of small maintenance tasks to take care of when you own a pool. Let Kmart remove one item of stress from your list. Pool fences provide safety in plain view. Just install them to your above-ground pool to add an extra layer of security in your yard.

Modular fences are easy to mount to the outside of above-ground pools. They come in sections to fit any pool size or shape. This way, you can leave space for a pool deck on one side or seamlessly connect a step ladder on the other. The height the fences add to pools keeps inflatable pool toys inside of their borders while keeping out large debris and uninvited guests.

Pool fences come in crisp neutral colors and feature rib-reinforced railings and pickets for added strength and security. The surfaces are protected against UV damage and rust, so you won't have to worry about frequent maintenance.

No matter what's on your list as a pool owner, safety is the top priority. With above-ground pool fences from Kmart, you can rest assured that your family and friends can swim and play under safe conditions.