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Keep your water balanced with pool testing supplies from Kmart

Pool ownership is a big commitment that requires plenty of routine maintenance throughout the season. Aside from cleaning the bottom liner with a pool vacuum and skimming out debris from the water, adding chemicals also maintains a clean pool. You should always check the pH and chlorine levels at least once a week. Kmart carries a wide selection of pool testing supplies so your water stays clear and safe throughout the summer.

There are many different types of pool maintenance supplies and test kits you can use to check your water's chemical levels. Digital or electronic testers are designed to automatically test the levels with a simple water sample drawn from test strips. This provides an easy solution so you can quickly test everything from pools and hot tubs to aquariums and ponds.

Manual pool test kits are also simple to use. All you need to do is draw out some water into two test tubes and add drops of solution to its respective pH or chlorine tube. After a quick shake, the kit will provide an accurate reading of your pool's chemical levels. From a large pool to small hot tub, Kmart has affordable pool testing supplies to keep your water sanitary.