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Maintain a clean pool easily with salt water systems from Kmart

Salt water systems help take the mess and stress out of pool maintenance. These low-profile systems install easily onto standard filtration devices on almost any swimming pool. Salt water chlorinators use innovative conversion processes to transform small amounts of salt into chlorine. The high-tech process keeps pool water properly sanitized without additional chemicals, and the programmable features make managing the water user-friendly.

Maintaining a clean pool is simple with a salt water system from Kmart. Rather than adding chlorine from separate swimming pool chemicals, this innovative system utilizes salt chlorination to sanitize the entire pool. Common table salt transforms into chlorine, creating far less odors and byproducts than traditional systems. Your water will be clean and clear without fussing with bags of messy chemicals. The high-powered return jets shoot the purified water throughout the pool for even distribution.

While the technology may be complex, daily maintenance is simple. Homeowners will enjoy the ease of this user-friendly system. Many models include programmable settings, including self-cleaning and automatic shut-off features. Gone are the days of scrutinizing vials of water with pool water test supplies. Simply set up your maintenance system and enjoy a relaxing dip in crystal clear waters whenever you choose. Maintain a beautiful swimming pool with salt water systems from Kmart.