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Maintain your pool with pool chemicals from Kmart

Properly balancing chlorine and pH can create a healthy swimming oasis. However, when there is a chemical imbalance, it leads to murky water and gathering bacteria and debris. Hoses, pool filters and vacuums can rid the water of unwanted contaminates, but you still need a bit more to completely purify it. Kmart carries a large assortment of affordable pool chemicals essential for a clean and safe swim.

Get a head start during the springtime with a wide selection of start-up pool chemical kits. These pre-formulated and pre-measured kits have properly balanced pool chemicals to prepare your above-ground or in-ground pool for the summer. When it's time to close your pool, don't forget to winterize it so it's safeguarded from the potentially damaging effects of bitter cold.

Chlorine is a key ingredient in every pool owner's maintenance kit. Choose from powder, liquid and tableted forms of pool chlorine to remove unwanted contaminates such as sweat, sunscreen, and debris from the water. You'll also find chlorine skimmer sticks that dissolve immediately in pool water and help stop bacteria and algae growth from the onset.

When you add chemicals to the water, it's important to check their levels frequently. Make sure to pick up a pool testing kit so you can monitor the proper chemical levels throughout the summer. From kits to pool chlorine, Kmart has the pool chemicals you need to enjoy a safe and enjoyable swim.