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Let your little one snuggle with cuddly stuffed animals from Kmart

Stuffed animals are beloved companions for kids of all ages. Kmart carries adorable stuffed toys in a wide variety of designs that are sure to delight any child, including traditional teddy bears and interactive plush dolls with built-in educational software. Entertain and inspire your child with a cute plush animal.

A traditional stuffed animal is a wonderful gift for little ones. Your infant will feel a sense of comfort while holding a bunny with floppy ears or a darling puppy with fluffy fur. The soft materials are safe even for newborns, so these precious toys make a great addition to junior's growing collection of baby toys. Some toys are also machine washable, which means cleaning up after a spill or an accident is simple.

Older kids can benefit from the educational features included with many interactive stuffed toys. They'll have a blast while counting with a talking mouse or learning new languages from a cuddly toy lion that's programmed with tons of content to keep junior engaged while practicing new skills. Apps and smartphone features are also integrated into some toys, such as the Sesame Street Love2Learn Elmo toy. Find stuffed that toys that your children will absolutely love at Kmart.