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It's no secret that little girls typically love playing with baby dolls, stuffed animals and dress-up clothes, while little boys gravitate toward cars, action figures and sports toys. Of course, girls and boys also love to play with toys designed for the opposite gender at times. If you're looking for the perfect gift for your son or daughter, look no further than Kmart's selection of toys. Finding toys by gender, especially for children you don't know very well, can be the perfect way to ensure the little girl or boy will love the gift. We offer thousands of toys for children of all ages and interest, and those choices are even easier to make because they're broken down by gender. Whether you're looking for Lego building toys for a boy or fisher-price girls' toys, Kmart has everything you need to make a great gift decision.

Whether your little girl loves to dress up as a princess going to a ball, or loves to pretend to be a professional chef who owns a restaurant, Kmart has everything you need to keep your child entertained with both fun and educational toys. Many girls love expressing themselves through fashion, beauty and style. Dress-up clothes, jewelry, hair styling sets and costumes are just a few of the things young girls like to use when they play.

We also offer a variety of kitchen and housekeeping playsets that will keep your little girl and her friends entertained. Easy-Bake makes products that will allow your child to learn how to make real baked goods. A kitchen set from Step 2 Lifestyle is perfect for girls who love to pretend to cook elaborate meals. Baby dolls, fashion dolls and stuffed toys are also great toys for young girls. Girls love Barbie dolls, Monster High Dolls, Bratz Dolls and the accessories they can use to dress up and groom the dolls. Girls of all ages especially love pretending to be mommies with baby dolls. We offer a variety of brands, such as Baby Alive, Little Mommy, JC Toys, Just Kidz and Sofia the First toys.

Boys, like girls, have a variety of interests in different types of toys, depending on their personalities. if your little boy likes building toys such as toy blocks or tool sets, shop our collection of my first craftsman playsets others love action figures and games based on their favorite TV shows, movies or games. Action figures and accessories can make great gifts for children of all ages, and collectable figurines are great for children and adults who have an interest in a particular theme or character. Active little boys will love riding bikes, skateboards and other outdoor toys that will keep them entertained for hours.

If you're looking for toys that appeal to children who would rather stay indoors, electronic games, board games and video games can make the perfect gift. So shop Kmart's selection of toys by gender for the perfect gift for your son or daughter.