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Ride On Toys & Safety

Provide Big Fun for Your Child with Big Wheels from Kmart

Give your child the same fun you experienced as a child when you surprise him or her with a new Big Wheels vehicle. Kmart offers a range of Big Wheels and other ride-on toys for your child, all of which are colorful and safe for kids from ages three and up.

Fisher-Price has a variety of Big Wheels for your child such as three-wheel trikes and four-wheel fire trucks. Pedal vehicles come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, and you can choose from Radio Flyer tricycles or bikes with training wheels that help with balance and coordination.

Once your child experiences the fun of Big Wheels, it's time to move on to bigger and better ride-on toys. Powered vehicles are available in fun and interesting designs such as ATVs, Ford Mustangs, VW Beetles and Jeeps. Each one is powered with a rechargeable battery, and your child can drive and stop the vehicle using the accelerator and brake pedals.

While Big Wheels are fun to pedal every day, your child can benefit from pushing or pulling a Radio Flyer wagon. These classic wagons are easy to pull with the long handle, and your child can haul his or her toys and other belongings anywhere indoors or out. You can also select a classic wagon with a canopy that is useful for protecting your child's belongings if caught outside in the rain.

No child should ever experience childhood without his or her own Big Wheels vehicle. Before you search the stores, check online at Kmart for a range of affordable Big Wheels and other ride-on toys for the children in your family.