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Outdoor Toys

Enjoy hours of fun with outdoor toys from Kmart

When the temperature rises, children want to get outside and play. Fortunately, Kmart carries a wide variety of outdoor toys your little ones will love. Choose from swingsets, trampolines and other bundles that fit perfectly in most backyards. You'll even find playhouses and sandboxes ideal for younger kids. Whether they're preschool age or preteen, your kids will have a ball with the large selection of toys at prices that won't break the bank.

Kids always have a ton of energy on a sunny day. Make sure they have the right outdoor toys to stay active. If you have older children, a trampoline is a must. Kmart carries models that are easy to install and feature netting and other equipment to keep them safe. If you want to have a family play day, flying discs and bean bag toss are always fun during a spring or summer barbecue.

Younger kids love using their imaginations when outside. Combining a playhouse and swingset will help them play pretend for hours. They can pretend to search a long lost fortress and chase the bad guys on their bikes. During those warm days, keeping your little ones cool is essential. Choose from a variety of foam beach toys for the swimming pool or a day at the beach. No matter how old they are, your kids will be thrilled with Kmart's selection of outdoor toys.

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