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Make your next gathering with a ladder golf set from Kmart

Ladder golf is a fun, relaxing game anyone can play. Kmart carries a wide selection of ladder balls and game sets with everything you need to get started. Just set the two frames across from one another on a flat surface to get started, and take turns tossing the ladder balls onto the scoring rungs. Place the ladders closer together to teach kids how to play, or move them further apart for a truly exciting challenge. The convenient carrying case makes it easy to transport your game to a picnic, park or friend's backyard.

Complete ladder golf sets come in a wide variety of styles for casual or competitive play. A metallic golf toss set folds down for easy storage and even has built in holders for the yellow and blue bolos. The built-in scoring indicator makes it easy to keep track of points during a tournament. A plastic ladder toss game with adjustable legs is ideal for beach play. The nylon travel bag has plenty of extra room for flying toys and beach balls.

Turn your backyard into an entertainment destination with a ladder golf set and other fun yard games, such as croquet and horseshoes. Get ready for a fun challenge with ladder ball from Kmart.