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Play outside for hours with a flying toy from Kmart

Head outside and have some fun with the latest flying toy. Kmart has aerodynamic discs in colorful patterns that can make any outdoor gathering more fun. The slim design spins rapidly as it cuts through the air, flying further than most ball toys. That means even a simple game of catch can be more exciting than ever with a new flying disc.

A flying disc is a simple toy the whole family can enjoy. The smooth, rounded surface of the disc glides through the air easily. A quick flick of the wrist sends this toy soaring high into the sky. The lightweight plastic material is also durable enough to withstand a few bumps and scratches as it sails across the yard. Some design even float in water, so they are a great addition to your beach toy collection.

You’ll find a wide variety of flying discs in colors and patterns that express your style. Sports fans can choose a disc with a bold team logo printed on the front. The colorful graphics show off your team spirit as it spins through the air. A glow-in-the-dark disc is great for nighttime events. The brilliant, built-in LED bulbs create a flying light show with every throw. Have a blast with an exciting flying toy from Kmart.