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Experience the fast-paced excitement with disc golf sets from Kmart

When the sun is shining, head outside for a thrilling game of disc golf. This popular game is fun with friends or for the entire family. Grab a few discs and head to an official course to refine your throwing techniques. Use a far-flying driver to make your way down the green. When you're within range, switch to a putting disc for extra accuracy. You can even set up targets at home to get extra practice or to entertain family and friends alongside other backyard games at a barbecue. Enjoy a fun day of competition and good company with a disc golf set from Kmart.

While the game requires little equipment, a great disc golf set is essential. Putter discs provide control and precision while throwing from short distances. When aiming for a target from farther away, pull out a driver disc that can slice through the air with ease. Complete your collection with mid-range discs and tuck the supplies in a specialized carrier for safekeeping. Like gym bags, these carriers contain plenty of space for all your accessories and even include individual compartments for every type of disc in your set.

If you don't want to make the trek to the disc golf course, bring the course to your own backyard with durable targets made of metal chains or lightweight mesh. Sharpen your skills with the latest disc golf sets from Kmart.