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Spend more time outdoors with fun new backyard toys from Kmart

Encourage your kids to get off their electronic devices and spend some time outside with new backyard toys. Kmart has a wide range of backyard activities, toys and games that will keep your little ones busy for hours at a time. Even adults will look forward to taking a break from housework and joining in on a game of catch with toy footballs or flying discs.

Kites and wind toys are classic options for spending days at the park or the beach with the whole family. Even the littlest tykes will have a blast leading a colorfully designed kite through the air as they race around holding onto the spindle. Bring along bubble toys and watch their eyes light up as the bubbles go soaring into the sky. Older kids will look forward to testing their skills with pogo sticks, yo-yos and juggling balls.

Even if you don't time for a day trip, you can still spend quality time outside with the kids right outside the front door. Sidewalk chalk is a classic summertime staple that will encourage kids of all ages to express their creativity. All you need is a little sidewalk space to create colorful pictures and memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready for summer with new outdoor activities for kids and yard games from Kmart.