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Fill your home with joyful music using kids’ pianos

Experiment with new songs and sounds on kids’ pianos for all ages. Kmart carries toy pianos in a variety of awesome colors and styles that will amaze your kids. Choose from acoustic children’s pianos and electric kids’ keyboards featuring stylish designs and characters from popular televisions shows and films.

Children’s acoustic pianos are miniature versions of full-sized instruments. They range from just a few keys to almost as many as full-sized pianos. Small, handheld thumb pianos provide another acoustic option for playing simple tunes on the go. Before your kids are ready for an adult piano, start teaching them about music on smaller, kid-friendly versions.

Electric pianos provide an interactive way to learn new songs. Some interactive pianos use repetition to teach kids tunes. When not in use, electric keyboards are easy to tuck away in kids’ storage cubbies, keeping children’s rooms looking neat and tidy.

Some of our kids’ keyboards come with features and accessories for extra musical entertainment. If your kids already adore karaoke machines, they’ll jump at the chance to play their own background music on keyboards with microphones. Pianos that come with stands and child-sized benches are ready for kids to play whenever inspiration strikes. If your children are learning to read music, keep their piano books propped up on keyboards with attached music stands. Turn the fun up a notch with accessorized kids’ pianos.