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Teach your children about music on kids’ guitars

Encourage creativity and self-expression in your household with kids’ guitars for every age. Whether your children want to learn songs from their favorite artists or create a soundtrack for puppet shows in the living room, they’ll love rocking out on kids’ guitars.

Children’s guitars at Kmart make cherished gifts for kids of all ages. Toddlers will marvel at brightly colored electric guitars that come with big buttons instead of strings. When your toddler presses the buttons, he or she will be delighted when the instrument produces flashing lights, sound effects and musical notes. Before they’re old enough to start music classes in school, kids will love using interactive guitars to play popular tunes and riffs. Most interactive kids’ guitars have a demo mode for repeating simple tunes. Amuse young children while teaching them about music with cool toy guitars.

When your kids outgrow their toy models, they’ll be ready for their own toy acoustic and electric guitars. These child-sized guitars are comfortable to hold in small hands. Their thin necks make it easy for grade school aged kids to reach all the strings. Once your little guitarists have learned a few basics, you can create a family band with a keyboard and a toy drum set. Enrich your children’s lives with kids’ guitars from Kmart.