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Make believe with a variety of fun dolls

Put a smile on your little girl's face with a brand new doll. Kmart carries a wide selection, ranging from rag dolls for nap time to collectibles for older children. She'll look forward to snuggling up with the plush materials and drifting peacefully off to sleep. Interactive styles for young learners can help teach exciting new skills, like the ABCs and counting, though some are just plain fun.

When your little one starts developing an interest in clothing and makeup, Barbie dolls and other collectibles feature cool accessories to customize the look of her new toy. She'll love spending time combing the mane of her toy horse. When Barbie and Ken have a date night, she can coordinate their outfits. After everyone is dressed up, she can drive them to the event in miniature vehicles, like bicycles, RC cars and even airplanes.

Older girls will love decorating elaborate dollhouses and playsets. These classic doll accessories provide a backdrop for your little princess to let her imagination go wild. She can play house, visit the grocery store, spend the day at school and even check on a tummy ache in the doctor's office. With matching furniture and dress-up clothes, the combinations are nearly endless.

From baby dolls that need special attention to extravagant collectible dolls that are as fun to play with as they are to look at on a bookshelf, Kmart has a vast selection of doll accessories your little girl will love.


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