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Encourage creativity and learning with a set of watercolors

Simple, washable, eight-color watercolor sets are found in nearly every art classroom or home craft room. Kmart's affordable paints and drawing supplies make it easy to have a well-stocked home craft and play area for children to explore. These washable paint sets let kids learn and play with art without having to worry about whether clothing will be permanently stained. Most beginner paint sets and fingerpaints are easy to clean up in the event of a spill, or if your little artist sees the wall as his or her canvas.

Art and craft kits can teach the kids how to get creative and have fun inside when outdoor plans get spoiled. Instead of moping about the house or turning on the video games, get out the watercolors and some paper to have the kids make up a game, or paint what they saw in a dream. Stretch their imagination even further and encourage them to tell stories with their paintings. Younger kids can play along and get involved with a set of fingerpaints even if they can't quite control a brush yet.

Nurture and develop creativity and imagination while children are still young. Find affordable watercolors and paintbrushes at Kmart and help kids learn while expressing themselves.