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Let kids create exciting stories with the latest action figures from Kmart

Inspire any child's imagination with the latest action figures from popular TV shows, comic books and movies. Your little boy or girl will have a blast recreating famous scenes or inventing unique storylines throughout the house. From superheroes to the Paw Patrol Marshall, Kmart has the latest action figures to put a smile on any kid’s face.

Your child can enjoy hours of entertainment using just their imagination. After assembling a sprawling cityscape with building blocks, poseable police, firefighter and rescue figurines can help your child defend citizens from intergalactic invaders or diabolical supervillains. If the rescue workers need more help, your little one can call on a Batman or Spider-Man action figure to stop the bad guys.  

Interactive playsets make playtime even more fun. These sets let your little one explore a haunted house as a detective or sail the seven seas as a swashbuckling pirate on a ship. With a wrestling playset that features a ring and accessories, your child can recreate classic head-to-head cage matches or make new storylines to determine who wins the title. From collectible figurines and playsets to RC cars and rescue vehicles, Kmart carries a wide selection of action figures and accessories to make playtime even more enjoyable.