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Action Figures & Accessories

Action figures are classic toys kids of all ages love

For generations, little boys and girls have been playing with dolls, figurines and action figures of characters from their favorite books, movies, TV shows and comic books. At Kmart, we have tons of action figures for children and adults of all ages, whether your kids are trying to collect all the characters from their favorite Disney movie or your husband wants all the figurines from a Star Wars collector's set. Action figures and accessories make great gifts for kids of all ages. At Kmart, we have a complete inventory of action figures and other toys that your child will love. Choosing the right action figure for your son or daughter is easy with our selection, whether you want your kids to enjoy it right away or leave it in the box to store on a collector's shelf.

If your kids love everything sports-related, Kmart has tons of different action figures, figurines and dolls to choose from. When it comes to boys' toys, you'll find a variety of masculine action and sports figures. If they are a fan of the sport and not necessarily the players, you can find generic sports figurines. If they have a team or players they adore, pick up a few figurines of your kids' favorite athletes. With more than 200 sports action figures to choose from, you'll never run out of options for your sports-loving son (or husband). We carry soccer, baseball, basketball, college football and WWE sports figurines.

Kmart also has tons of character figurines from different movies and books. Collect all your favorite Star Wars, Star Trek or Disney characters. For younger children, we carry plenty of action figures that are safe for little ones, from Thomas and Friends toy trains, the Toy Story movies, Nickelodeon shows, Pokemon and more. Though girls and boys both love character figurines of all types, sometimes your little lady would rather have specifically designed girls' toys. Playsets featuring her favorite Disney characters like Minnie Mouse are the perfect option. If she prefers superheroes to princesses, she'll love to scoop up favorite comic book characters from DC Universe, Marvel and more. Spiderman, Iron Man, Batman and The Hulk are just a few of the most popular comic book characters we carry. Let your child's imagination run wild with superhero battles that feature characters from all kinds of movies and comic books.

At Kmart, we have plenty of action figures that your sons and daughters will love, but when it's time to change gears, we also have you covered. Get your child using his or her brain with a variety of different puzzles, including 3D puzzles, brain teasers and more standard 2D puzzles for all ages. Outdoor playsets are the perfect way to get your kids active and out into fresh air. At Kmart, we have plenty of different types of toys to choose from for your kids.

So whether you're looking for the perfect action figure for your son or daughter, or another kind of toy that will keep them occupied and entertained, Kmart has the variety and selection of toys you need.

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