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Find the right wrench from Kmart for the job

Having the right tools on hand is half the battle. Fortunately, Kmart has individual wrenches and complete sets to help you take on any project. When it comes to hand tools, professionals and DIY experts know just how much easier a job is with the right equipment. With the right model, you can do everything from fixing leaks underneath the sink to tightening bolts under the hood of a car.

If you’re filling up a toolbox for the first time, a combination wrench set is just as important as hammers and screwdrivers. Combination pieces that feature an open end and a closed end can cut the amount of tools you might need in half, and a full set will cover the majority of nut and bolt sizes. For work in tight spaces, ratcheting models turn the closed end of a combination style wrench into a ratchet that lets you tighten or loosen with a few quick turns of the wrist.

If the job needs something bigger, try an adjustable pipe wrench. These options are specially designed to work with large pipes. The adjustable size and potential torque make them a smart tool to have around for a variety of tough tasks. A set can take care of everything from small copper piping to heavy-duty plumbing. No matter what task is at hand, make sure you have the right wrenches from Kmart.