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Tidy up small and large messes with a wet-dry vacuum from Kmart

A wet-dry vacuum helps your home look clean from the garage to the kitchen. This versatile vacuum is available in smaller sizes for portability and larger sizes for heavy-duty cleaning. Its round design holds gallons of liquid and solid debris, so you can tidy up without countless trips to the garbage can. Take care of routine spring cleaning or emergency spills with a shop vacuum from Kmart.

A light-duty wet-dry vacuum is small enough to store on a shelf but powerful enough to handle gallons of waste water and debris. Grip the sturdy handle and bring a shop vacuum into your car. The long power cord connects to any outlet, while allowing easy freedom of movement. Remove crumbs from upholstery with the narrow nozzle. The quiet motor provides strong suction without excessive noise. Some models even include storage hooks, so you can mount them to the wall and free up additional floor space.

A larger shop model provides heavy-duty cleaning power. Wheel the vacuum to a flooded garage with its solid, swiveling casters. Use the long hose to reach every corner of the room with ease. The seepage will collect inside the vacuum's large tank until you are ready to remove it with a twist of the drain valve. Many models can even convert to blowers to clear leaves off the deck. Enjoy a tidy home with a wet-dry vacuum from Kmart.