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Access hard-to-reach spaces with wet-dry vac attachments

Cleaning up especially tough messes is easier with wet-dry vac attachments. From replacement parts like wet-dry vac filters to specialty attachments for cleaning out gutters, Kmart has heavy-duty vacuum accessories for taking even the most daunting cleaning projects into your own hands.

Cleaning up liquids on hard floors is simple with a specialized wet nozzle. The wide mouth includes a built-in squeegee for pushing every last drop into the opening. To penetrate deep into household carpet fibers, use a claw nozzle that features a row of plastic teeth. Complete the job by cleaning around the edges of the room or space with a thin, angled crevice attachment. Although it's possible to use a handheld vacuum to detail the family car, a wet-dry vacuum outfitted with brush attachments offers more versatility and power. Use soft brush attachments to gently clean delicate interior materials like leather seats and carpet. Brushes are also great for getting dust out of air conditioning vents and the spaces around the seats.

You can use your heavy-duty vac to blow leaves out of the gutters with the proper extension wands and nozzles. Long, curved tubes make it easy to reach into gutters and eaves and blast away debris. Get more versatility from your vacuum with wet-dry vac attachments from Kmart.