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Stick welders form solid bonds without using gas fuel

Begin or expand your welding equipment collection with a portable and easy-to-use stick welder. Instead of using conventional gasoline for fuel, stick welders us an electric current to create an arc of electricity between the electrode and the material surface, causing the metals to warm and flow together, often with a filler metal. Kmart has stick welders that are available in lightweight handheld designs as well as heavy-duty wheeled options. Just pack up your welding tools and go wherever the job takes you thanks to your new portable stick welder.

Learning to weld is easier with a light-duty, 220V single-phase arc welder, while more seasoned craftsmen might prefer a 200A IGBT pulse stick welder. Rubber-coated handles ensure you can keep a solid grip on the welder, while the durable design is made to go from job site to job site with the same dependable performance. Consider picking out a combination plasma cutter and stick welder for a versatile option for the handyman on the go.

No matter your skill level, finding a welder that's right for your project is easy with the selection available at Kmart. Build, maintain and repair metalwork with a new stick welder.