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A good set of mechanic's tools will help you get your car in great shape

Whether you like to save money by performing car repairs yourself, or you are an avid hobbyist who has a project car for the long haul, you know that the right tools can make all the difference. A mechanic's tool set is designed to give you torque and power in small spaces that aren't always easy for traditional tools to reach.

The right mechanic's tools can help you change brakes or install new motorcycle parts with ease, because they are designed to fit any nut or bolt you have. These sets come in both standard and metric measurements. Generally, it's not a bad idea to own a set of each so that you will be prepared for anything.

For your tool set, look for a ratchet and a range of sockets to fit nuts large and small. You will also want a few standard tools such as pliers and adjustable wrenches so that you can cover basic tasks. There are plenty of other tools available in kits, like ignition wrenches, extension bars and quick release wrenches. For a fully complete set, don't forget a few extra tools as well. Nut driver bits and hex keys are useful in a variety of scenarios. Finally, store your entire set in a handy carrying case or magnetic holder that keeps all the parts and pieces organized and in place so you can find them easily when you need them. Whether you need to adjust some automotive hoses or change the brakes, it helps to have all the right tools in one location.

Purchase a quality set of mechanic's tools from Kmart, where you will find gear from trusted brands at affordable prices that will keep you well within budget.