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Stock up on multifunction tool blades and build the versatility of your machine

The right tools can help you get a lot of work done in less time. In fact, if you have a good collection of multifunction tool blades, you may not need to purchase many other specialty tools for basic home and construction projects.

If you only have basic attachments for your tools, you may not have everything you need for more involved projects, which is why you need to add plenty of additional options to your collection. For a multi-tool, you should have a wide collection of circular blades, flat blades and sanding blades to help you complete any task from start to finish. Shop Kmart to round out your collection of tool blades and other accessories.

Additional blades and sanding pads always make great power tool accessories, because having spares on hand in a variety of styles and sizes can save you precious time when you are trying to complete a project to give as a gift or get through a quick remodeling project in a weekend. Start with cutting blades that will help you work with any material, from wood to drywall and more. You’ll need circular blades in several different tooth styles and sizes to accommodate for rough cuts, smooth cuts and everything in between. In addition, you may also want some flat blades if you have a tool with reciprocating motion. Flat blades can help you saw through tough material in no time at all.

Sanding pads are also great options to keep on hand for your multifunction tool. Just like band saw blades, they’re essential for all stages of your project. Whether you need to remove material to make a perfect corner fit or you have to sand your work to a perfect finish, the right sander attachments can make all the difference. Find everything from replacement blades to sanding pads so you can get the most out of your multi-tool with the selection at Kmart.