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Ratchets & Sockets

Secure any bolt with a set of ratchets and sockets

Take DIY repairs into your own hands with an assortment of ratchets and sockets. Homeowners and auto enthusiasts alike can find plenty of use for a new set of these handy tools. Dig into your collection before loosening rusty bolts on an old engine or tightening a leaky pipe. Between the dozens of different drive sizes, it's easy to find the right pieces and accessories for any need at Kmart.

A portable variety set adds tons of versatility to any tool collection. Open the carrying case to explore ratchets and sockets in a multitude of drive sizes. Each piece is neatly arranged from the smallest to largest, so it's easy to grab the appropriate component for any project. The incredible variety allows mechanics to work on everything from bicycles to trucks without running to the tool chest for parts. Durable materials like metal and composites stay strong while loosening even the most stubborn bolts.

Handy accessories can help mechanics in cramped spaces. Use an extension bar to pivot into tight spots with ease, or grab an adaptor to change drive sizes quickly without searching through the tool pouch. These simple accessories can drastically improve your capabilities, so you get even more use out of your tool set. Upgrade your tool collection with new ratchets and sockets from Kmart.