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Remove unwanted water quickly with a powerful water pump

Drain wet areas while directing excess water away using a new water pump. Kmart has a wide selection of efficient pumps for home maintenance and professional use. Drain a hot tub or garden pond with a compact, lightweight utility pump that’s easy to store on most garage shelving. Clear water from a professional construction site with a large, heavy-duty trash pump. Combine your pump with essential accessories like hoses and pressure switches for effective water removal.

When there’s more water in the basement than you can handle with a wet-dry vacuum, get it under control with a gas powered pump. These general purpose pumps can be used to drain clear water. When the water contains dirt or sand, reach for a sem-trash pump. Clean up smaller spills and flooded areas around the house and yard using portable utility pumps.

Maintain your home, pool and hot tub using the right water pump for the job. Install a sump pump in the basement to keep the area clean and dry. Use sump pumps to transfer any water that collects in your home’s built-in sump basin outside. Keep the water in your family pool or hot tub clean by installing a pool pump. These specialty pumps circulate water through the plumbing system while removing impurities. Take control of property maintenance and unwanted water with water pumps from Kmart.