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Power Tool Accessories

Deck your garage out with power tool accessories for any occasion

Your workshop may be outfitted with a lot of hand tools, but to get your projects done quickly you rely on a little bit more power. Whether you use electricity, gas or air for your power tools, the right power tool accessories will make an even greater impact in the overall quality of your work. You’ll save time and effort by keeping on hand all of the basics, as well as the extras that help you with specialized projects. From drill bits to stands and workbenches, make your workshop stand out with the right accessories.

When it comes to power tools, perhaps nothing is more essential than keeping all of the basics on hand. After all, every project will require a different sized bit or a slightly different configuration of multifunction tool blades. The best way to be prepared is to stock up in advance on sets of bits, blades and sanding pads. Basic and specialty sets will give you everything you need for most projects, and you can add on a few extras individually to account for your own personal preferences. In addition, don't forget to purchase spare batteries for your cordless tools so you’ll always have power when you need it.

The right tool storage will ensure that you always have what you need within arm's reach. Tool chests and cabinets are essential for separating and organizing any type of tool collection. Wall storage and cabinets will help you keep less frequently used items nearby, but out of the way when you need extra space on your workbench.

The right accessories are essential to any workshop, which is why Kmart has you covered with a wide variety of attachments, add-ons and protective items designed to fit with the tools in your life. Whether you need spare saw blades or a whole new organization system, you can find the perfect accessories for your power tools.