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Get the perfect finish on your projects with a full supply of sandpaper

Stock your workshops with the most effective sandpaper and abrasives out there to keep your toughest jobs running smoothly. Sandpapers and sanding belts are incredibly useful for any job that requires surface smoothing, paint removal and surface treatment. Make Kmart your sandpaper and tools destination to find the abrasive products you need to ensure your job gets done right.

Sandpaper today is made out of effective natural abrasives, such as garnet, and synthetic abrasives like aluminum oxide. Other abrasive alternatives you might need for your projects include steel wool, which can help in a wide range of tasks from smoothing to cleaning. The material you're working on will mostly dictate the ideal type and grit of your sandpaper or abrasive material. The right sandpaper will leave your project with the perfect finish, erasing rough patches and any traces left behind by chalk marking tools.

Although it may seem like the simplest part of your home improvement projects, sanding is an essential step in getting a high-quality finish. Just as it's sometimes difficult to choose the perfect saw blades for cutting, selecting the best sandpaper for a job isn't always simple.

There are three main qualities that dictate sandpaper’s effectiveness and when it should be used: the grit, whether it has an open or closed coat and also what material it is made from. Grit is a measure of how many particles on a piece of sandpaper could pass through a one-inch-sized filter. The lower the grit number, the coarser the paper. Shop our extensive collection of tools that contains everything from hand tools and jigs to replacement tool blades and, of course, all the sanding supplies you could ever need.

Kmart knows you need the right tools to get your jobs done well. Don't end up disappointed at the end of a project just because you didn't use the correct type of sandpaper. Find the right abrasives at great prices.