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Set up a woodworking shop at home with a new router table

Beginner and advanced woodworkers alike can create stunning pieces on a new router table. These workbenches are designed to stabilize power tools so every cut is clean and precise. The large worktop provides plenty of space to hold router attachments and project materials. Whether creating custom trim for the living room or engraving a wooden sign, woodworkers can count on Kmart for high-quality equipment.

A router table is the foundation for any woodworking shop. Set up a die-cut aluminum table to craft and assemble new cabinetry. The large work surface provides plenty of space to hold door pieces while measuring and marking. Once you're ready to cut, simply switch on the router. The table holds the router level and steady so both hands are free to guide the lumber. Use router attachments like a miter gauge and fence to cut with expert accuracy. Run sandpaper over any rough surfaces and admire the professional quality results.

Router tables are easily adaptable for a variety of common and specialty tasks. Swap out the router bits to create different effects when switching from joinery work to custom trim. When crafting artisanal decorative items, pick out a set of templates or base plates to carve each detailed design. Assemble handmade creations on a new router table from Kmart.