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Create custom mouldings, cabinetry and more with new router bits

Take your woodworking capabilities to the next level by updating your collection of router bits. From chamfer bits for cutting bevels to rabbeting bits for carving shoulders into edges, Kmart has bits for enhancing any woodworking, signage or cabinetry project.

Whether you're new to woodworking or just replacing old parts, router bits can help you save valuable time. The clearly marked labels and spec drawings make it easy to choose the right bit for each task. Sets featuring a glass-fronted case make it easy to find the right bit for the task at hand quickly and easily. When experimenting with the different router bits, be sure to wear the proper safety and shop gear while you work.

Kmart has router bits for both general use and specialized tasks. Straight bits in different diameters and lengths can be used to created grooves or hollow out sections for inlays or paintings. If you're tackling a project with specific tool requirements, explore sets featuring specialized bits. Shape the edges of a door panel using raised-panel bits on a router table or carve detail into furniture with an ogee bit. Create gorgeous custom woodworking pieces using new router bits.