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Get more from your drill with a comprehensive drill bit set

It's important to use drill bits of the right size and material for the job, unless you want to risk breaking your bit or damaging the material beyond repair. Affordable drill bit sets from Kmart are made of durable materials, including carbide steel, cobalt, high-speed steel and more for serious drilling. When boring through especially tough materials, use a corded drill for the consistent, added power and equip it with high-strength carbide or hardened alloy bits that are capable of withstanding the heat and pressure.

Bit sizes range from smaller than 1/32 of an inch up to a full inch in diameter. In addition to standard drilling bits, you'll find a collection of flat and phillips head bits that will slide easily into a drill and power screwdriver. Hole saw bits bore even larger holes through soft materials like wood or plastic. Many sets also include countersinks for when you need a screw head to sit flush with a surface, and specialty bits are available for working with extra tough materials like concrete and masonry.

Whatever the job, Kmart has the affordable and reliable drill bits you need to get it done. Get prepared for your next project by upgrading your collection of drill bits and accessories.