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Tackle the toughest clogs with the right auger from Kmart

Taking care of plumbing mishaps is much easier with the help of the right tools, which is why Kmart has several types of drain augers and pipe augers to help you with those tough jobs. You can tackle a clogged drain or toilet on your own without having to rely on the professionals, which often can be quite costly. Augers are perfect for removing hair and other debris trapped in drains. Choose from several different lengths and types of plumbing augers so you have just the right one on hand for the types of drains in your home.

Sometimes, plungers just won't cut it. Be prepared before a pool of water starts collecting around a clogged sink or toilet with the selection of augers at Kmart. Clogged drains are typically simple enough to correct on your own, and the average homeowner should be able to clear most clogs with the help of affordable tools such as an auger.

In some cases, the blockage may be further into the drain pipe or the main drain. Leave your pipe cutters in your toolbox, because it's likely that you'll just need a plumber's auger to clear the drain. With the trap removed, place the auger into the drain line and push it down until you feel the obstruction. When the tip of the auger has reached the clog, you can hook it and remove it by twisting the snake's handle clockwise.

Time is definitely of the essence when you've got a tough plumbing problem, and Kmart makes it easy to find and grab the auger you need and get to work. From tube benders, pipe wrenches, washer and dryer accessories and the toughest chemical drain openers on the market to the handy auger, Kmart has all of the best plumbing tools to meet your needs.

With a selection of reliable, affordable augers available for you to choose from, we make it easy to select the best product for your particular needs at a price that you're sure to love. Shop Kmart's selection of augers today to ensure that you're never stuck with a messy clogged drain again.