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Mechanics & Auto Tools

Upgrade and maintain your vehicle at home with auto mechanic tools

A quality set of auto mechanic tools helps you bring out the best in any vehicle. Whether you want to buff the exterior to a high-gloss shine or perform a quick oil change, there's no need to head to the dealer or mechanic to take care of your car. Just grab a few supplies from the workstation and turn your garage into a custom service center. Kmart has all the tools amateur and professional mechanics alike need to complete a variety of common and specialty tasks with precision.

When repairing a mechanical issue, get under the hood and investigate with digital diagnostic tools that can scan for common problems. Test the battery or ignition quickly and easily to help narrow down the issue. If you need to peek underneath the vehicle, raise the car with a floor jack and grab a rolling creeper for a better look.

A dull exterior is easily revitalized with equipment like buffers and auto body repair kits. Grab masking tape and masking paper to protect the chrome accents while fixing the finish. Smooth away imperfections in the exterior with a buffer and paint protectants. You can even swap out winter wheels for summer wheels with a lightning-fast impact wrench and other automotive air tools. Improve your vehicle from home with auto mechanic tools from Kmart.