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Cut the right length the first time using a tape measure

Rather than guessing the next time you need to cut materials or drill holes for fasteners, make sure that your measurements are accurate with reliable measuring tape. Retractable tape measures are some of the most popular models available at Kmart. Find one in a bright colors like pink, green, yellow or orange so it's easy to spot at a glance, even jumbled up with other tools and equipment. Locking tapes hold a measurement to let you quickly move the tape and compare one length to another, while non-locking tapes work more like surveying tools to cover longer distances.

The average pocket tape measure runs from 10 to 25 feet in length, with a durable steel or aluminum tape that retracts along a spool for easy storage. When jobs need added precision, try a digital tape ruler that displays exactly how much tape has been let out in metric or standard units. Folding rulers and flexible curved rulers are time-tested measuring solutions that are still regularly used. Like calipers or other precision tools, these special tapes can come in handy when working on an especially tricky project.

If your belt clip measuring tape just isn't long enough, look to a longer, non-retractable tape. Kmart has affordable pocket tapelines in lengths of up to 40 feet and reel tapes up to 300 feet. Complete your next project with a new tape measure in your tool box.