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Home Improvement

Update your home with home improvement tools, materials and supplies 

Tackle home renovations and decorating projects using quality new home improvement supplies. Kmart carries home improvement products ranging from fencing and building supplies to bathroom fixtures and garage flooring. Get tough jobs done both indoors and out with a homeowner tool set and the right supplies.

Stock your tool belt with a variety of fasteners, HVAC hardware and electrical supplies before taking on home decorating projects. Carry a home hardware kit containing screws, washers and more to save time while making basic repairs. Be sure to include a roll of duct tape for making quick, temporary fixes like patching up a small hole in an awning or window screen.

Transform bathrooms and kitchens by replacing outdated fixtures. You can find faucets and showers in quality materials like brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze for a stylish look, or go all out by replacing the countertops and installing new flooring materials. Prep the area with floor cleaners and flooring underlayment before adding adhesive, and complete the project with new laminate or tile. Before updating your fixtures and decor, use plumbing tools and electrical supplies to get your home in good working order. Handle professional and advanced plumbing projects with rough plumbing supplies. Care for your home both inside and out with home improvement supplies from Kmart.