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Hand Tools

Use hand tools for small home improvement projects or major renovations

When building a home tool collection, hand tools are important additions. Whether you’re looking to redecorate a room or make drastic changes to your home, Kmart has tools to help you reach your home improvement goals. While corded or cordless power tools are needed for major tasks, small devices like screwdrivers, wood chisels and utility knives are necessary as well.

Hand tools are vital for any homeowner. For instance, if you're displaying artwork in any space, you'll need a hand drill, so you can drill holes in the back of each frame. When hanging pictures or making small repairs, make sure your tool chest is stocked with a high-quality hammer. Each tool box should also have a pair of pliers. This versatile tool can handle everything from electrical wiring work to small plumbing tasks that occur in your home.

When you move into a new home, there are always small or large renovations you need to tackle. Scrapers and putty knives are essential hand tools that help you patch holes or other blemishes in your wall. Use a wide range of other drywall supplies to make dramatic changes in the appearance of any room. For those quick tasks, keep a multi-tool or hex key in your kitchen drawer to handle odd jobs like furniture assembly and bicycle tune ups. No matter what task you have around your home, Kmart's selection of hand tools can help you finish the job with ease.