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Utility knives from Kmart make versatile additions to any toolbox

Multipurpose utility knives are useful tools to have on hand for a wide variety of projects. The razor-sharp blades can cut with incredible precision, whether you're opening boxes to access project supplies or slicing intricate details into a piece of material. Slip one into your tool carrier for tackling household projects or for toting around the jobsite. Tackling unexpected cutting jobs is easy with an affordable utility blade from Kmart by your side.

Lock-back utility knives are small enough to fit into your pocket, and the folding blade conceals inside the handle when not in use as an extra safety precaution. The lightweight devices are easy to store in a tool belt for when you are working remotely and need both hands for especially demanding jobs. Flip the blade out with a one-handed design and the knife will lock into place, providing the stability you need for precision cutting.

If you use utility knives frequently, retractable designs are especially convenient. These styles encase a blade within an ergonomic handle featuring a comfort grip. Push the blade out using one hand with a sliding button to score metal sheets quickly. When the knife feels dull, simply pop out the old blade and replace it with a new one. Explore a large selection of folding and retractable box cutters from Kmart.