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Classic hand saws offer high precision and control

Power tools are useful for large jobs where speed and efficiency are key, but for small fixes or personal projects, you should always have hand saws available. With each pull of a hacksaw blade, you can check to make sure the cut is straight, allowing for a higher level of quality control in a project. Personal projects and labors of love, like building your own kitchen shelves, deserve the extra attention that hand tools from Kmart allow.

Professional handymen regularly use hand saws and other hand tools instead of cordless power tools on everyday jobs as well. The thin blade and small size of a hacksaw lets you work practically anywhere without having to worry about finding an outlet and an extension cord. Blades can be easily interchanged if they get dull or if you need to cut different materials. Many hacksaws even feature a hollow tube to keep replacement blades in.

The versatility of tools like hacksaws and ratchets makes them essential parts of the home toolkit, offering affordable alternatives to power tools that may only be needed on occasion. Build up your tool box with the essentials, starting with a hammer, screwdriver and hand saw from Kmart.