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Drill with precision using traditional hand drills

Hand drills provide greater control and precision over the drill bit for many common woodworking tasks. These lightweight tools are powered by hand, so you can alter the pressure and speed as needed. Produce quality, hand-crafted furniture, home goods and more with a new hand drill from Kmart.

While power tools can be incredibly effective for especially time consuming projects, some crafts require more finesse than an electric or pneumatic drill can offer. Simply use the built-in chuck to set the bit, just like a standard cordless power drill. Once the bit is in place, grab the handle to turn the milled gears. This smooth action sets the bit into motion, spinning the bit into the wood. The steel and hard plastic components can generate plenty of power, but it also provide more control over the speed and angle.

While a hand-crank drill is compact in size, a Yankee drill is even smaller. A push model is roughly the size of a screwdriver, but it packs a great deal of power into their low-profile design. Simply line up the bit and compress the handle. The internal mechanics spin the drill bit rapidly with every stroke. Choose from a range of drill and bit sizes to find the right fit for your projects. Produce hand-crafted projects you can be proud of with quality hand drills from Kmart.